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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

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^^^ Thanks for the link, but apparently Amazon mp3 downloads are only available in the US, not the UK.

I have purchased this now, and it really is a lovely piece of music. And so appropriate to a show discussing all about Sisko - I can almost imagine him noodling about on the piano in his father's restaurant, and this tune comes to him, like an inspiration from on high...

Anyway, I enjoyed the recent episode very much. On the two sides of the discussion I definitely come down on the non-religious side, but it is by watching and thinking about this show (and writing my fan-fics, which occasionally played with the same concepts) that I came to a somewhat deeper appreciation if some aspects of the spiritual experience (when I'm not being infuriated and appalled by the fundie whackjobs, that is).

I think it demonstrates one of the great things about DS9 as a show that you can even spend that whole time talking about the journey a single character takes. There aren't many shows where the characters develop and expand so much that it would generate such a discussion. But on DS9, almost every character does.

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