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Re: The best continuity...?

DS9 does have the best continuity, hinting at things that don't happen for a season or two, referring back to previous events to build on stories and characters. When they lost a runabout new ones were mentioned to arrive and replace them (no magical shuttle elfs here). No reset buttons either.

The fact they were stationary helped, as things they did had consequences they then had to deal with. It also allowed the characters to grow and develop, building on their past experiences and moving forward.

As for Bashir revealing to be genetically enhanced, it was drilled into him since childhood to not stand out, so he couldn't display all his brilliance from the beginning (though there were hints of it), with little things (like his med school finals) he did to purposefully sabotage himself.

But then again, to me, DS9 is the greatest Trek, so I'm a little bias
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