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Re: Poor Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... Oh Well!

I think some of you guys are missing the point of what the original STAR WARS was. It is a brilliant distillation of Heroic mythology plus 30's film science fiction tropes with a dash of Eastern philosophy. In much of the myth I have read from several cultures, there is death of parents/family for the main character(s) and once this occurs and acknowledged, the story moves on because it has to. It is being exactly what it is supposed to be. The hero is put through his trials and doesn't stop to internalize much or have conversations with side characters about struggling with the loss of his parents. The story and the hero's journey are key and the whole point of what the audience should be focused on, not his internal emotional state. STAR WARS is mythical archetypes writ large on the big screen and in space and it does exactly what it needs to follow this model on purpose, not due to some oversight or failing by Lucas, and to ask the film to be something else is your misunderstanding, not the film's fault.

STAR WARS also is a personal story as it mirrors and plays out on the feelings Lucas had as a kid in Modesto wanting to escape to a more exciting life. Luke is his avatar and the loss of parental figures is indeed the springboard required by the story (and the mythological basis) to get him out of town and onto exciting new places and adventures. This was also the late 70's and STAR WARS was pivotal in bringing a sense of fun back to the theaters when the country was in the doldrums following Vietnam and the recession. Movies are ALWAYS a product of the time in which they were made, you cannot look at them in a vacuum or without this context and compare to how movies are presented today.

If STAR WARS was made today, you can bet there would be more lip service paid to the character's emotional state following the loss of his parental figures, as most movies today want to divulge and discuss their hero's emotional and psychological motivations openly. Sometimes this works and sometimes you see complaints of it being unnecessary, slowing the film down, awkwardly handled, etc etc. But, you know as saying the goes, the Internet does not know what it wants.

STAR WARS could have included more discussion of character's feelings after losing family, but then it wouldn't have been the movie it is today. I feel like it's akin to asking a sibling or a best friend to be a different person instead of just accepting them as they are and appreciating the qualities they already possess. If STAR WARS doesn't have everything that you want in a movie, then find another movie, but don't blame STAR WARS for somehow being something it's not meant to be.
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