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Re: Question for the Parents on TrekBBS

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No, he's coming after you for using crazy American date formats. In civilised countries such as the UK, we would put 17/02/92.
If anyone was civilized, they'd use a format that couldn't be screwed up or misinterpreted, like 1992/02/17, which is what is required to be used on military documents.
You are both wrong! Any civilized person uses Stardates: 9202.17 is the logical way to do it.
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2/17/92. I am 20 about to turn 21.
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You were born on the 2nd day of the 17th month?
Seriously...You are going to come after me for not putting a 0..
We have the same birthday, 2/17.

I know we're talking mostly about the physical aspect of discipline. However I believe that the psychological damage done by verbal abuse is much worse in the long run. My father was abusive, occasionally physically but the verbal abuse was constant and often harsher then any physically he could have done. Beyond promising myself to be a much better father to my children then my father was to me, I make a full conscious effort to not hurt my children with verbal abuse. I know how it has effected me, throughout my life.
I was a victim of physical abuse in the home. If I did not get a beating one day, I was living in constant fear of it happening. However, the verbal abuse was much worse.

When I became a parent, I chose to spank sparingly... but I still spanked when necessary. My little girl is a mother of 4 now. She still remembers the one real spanking she received for getting away from me at a busy county fair. When I found her I was holding her by one hand and spanking with the other. I happened to look up and see a sheriff deputy watching me and said, "I'm going to jail, huh?" His response was, "If it was my child, I'd be doing the same thing. Carry on." She was about 4, I think. She never ran off in public again, though.

My brother and I were taught: Punishment follows wrongdoing. Both of us became successful in life. Our younger siblings were raised in the school of "let's rap/talk about it" and were never spanked. Both are less successful in many areas of life.

I raised both my sister's children, including the little girl mentioned above. Although both went back to their mother in high school, to this day, both of them call my home "Home".

I am also in favor of the new wave of "public embarrassment as punishment". It also teaches them the moral of "Punishment follows wrongdoing." Prisons are full of people who never learned this lesson until it was too late.
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