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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

After seeing the preview on CBR, I decided to get Batman and Robin Annual #1 and was blown away with how great this issue was. I think this is probably the first issue of Tomasai's run that I've actually really loved. What Damian did for Bruce was down right heart warming and finally showed some progression of character. The art work was pretty decent, and we get Damian wearing his Batman 666 costume for really the first time lol. I don't know if this will be enough for me to pick this back up but I was extremely impressed with the annual.

Superman #16: This was pretty decent as well...although I don't really like the idea of Clark purposefully threatening his cousin the way he did in this issue. I know the relationships are different than they were in the DCU, but I still can't see Clark ever threatening Kara the way he did in this issue. Also what was the deal with Wonder Woman telling Superboy to criticize Superman at his peril? What was so wrong with what Kon said? I don't like the way Diana has been written outside of Azzy's book. The art work is simply gorgeous. This book has evolved from a gong show to a pretty decent book I have to admit, even under Lobdell.

Batman Incorporated #7: This was an outstanding fact, the last two or three issues as we build up to the climax and the finale, have been incredible. I absolutely adore Chris Burnham's art work. Damian has a chance to shine in this issue as does Jason Todd to a smaller degree...and Talia has never been more lethal than she has in this run. A very different take on her character than we've seen before, and we saw little snippets of this take in "The Dark Knight Rises" in my opinion. I'm getting a little nervous about the grand finale though. I hope he doesn't end up killing off Damian...but it sure is how feels like that is what is going on here. Where exactly this book fits in the New 52 of course puts a question mark on that theory obviously.

Aquaman #16: I think Aquaman and Wonder Woman obviously have been the two biggest beneficiaries of the relaunch. Johns is doing some great work on this book, and surprisingly for the lack of Mera in this arc, the other characters are starting to benefit from his attention. I love his characterization of Vulko. The art is not bad either.
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