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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

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Well, a woman in her twenties who has been a Shield agent for some years after other years when she was a Russian assassin must have started her career in murder when she was twelve? And this was supposed to be in the new democratic Russia too, when the main people being attacked were Chechens. Or was Yeltsin's secret imperialist assault on the West foiled by Shield before it got into the papers?

I don't know is the Romanov story actually contributed to the popularity of the Avengers movie or not. I suspect the spectacle and some one liners did far more. But it is painfully obvious that it shouldn't have. Wasn't the most crowd thrilling moment for her when she was called a "mewling quim," which is Whedon-speak for "whining cunt?" Speaks for itself, I think.
I think the majority of people saw a different movie than you did.
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Black Widow and Banner were the two break-out characters in the movie I watched. I have a suspicion that many other people saw something similar.
Essentially this.
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