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Re: Weird things we do in our sleep

Captrek wrote: View Post
I sometimes become violent in my sleep, punching or kicking. Fortunately my SO has developed ways to protect herself from my somnambulant strikes while sleeping next to me. Also fortunately, the strikes aren’t all that hard—they can hurt but have never caused injury. They have become much less frequent in the last few years, but still happen from time to time.
I had a friend like that. He was a 7th degree black belt in karate! I always felt sorry for his wife.
Gryffindorian wrote: View Post
There are many sleep disorders. I have sleep apnea but hardly ever use my CPAP. So lately I just sleep with a nasal strip over my nose. But I haven't done anything weird per se when i'm sleeping.
I stopped having dreams several years ago... until my sleep apnea was diagnosed. After using the CPAP, I now dream vividly. I mean, I have those dreams where you wake up surprised to be in this world.
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