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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

Well I always think that it's the Directors mark and not the fact that it's a reboot that defines the look and feel of the movie. I think we could have got away with updating the sets and having more action even if it was kept within continuity/canon. Since Kirk and Spocks early days are pretty much unexplored there was space to still play around and "update" Star Trek while still saying 'This is what the Star Trek world looked like then'. JJ Abrams is talented enough to do that. Obviously he can since he will be continuing the Star Wars story in the same Universe.

Story-wise it's difficult to blow up Vulcan in continuity without hitting the reset button. So if the story really required it then I guess they needed to reboot. But still, to me (as a Trek fan only) there is some kind of feeling that it's not really our Vulcan since it's in an alternate Universe and the other one is safe and sound.
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