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Re: I am going Down Under!

Hi guys!

After almost two weeks in Brisbane, I thought to give you a little update.

I got settled in quite fast, I arrived on Friday and by Monday I had found a room in a shared-house to stay and had arranged all formal issues (getting a bank account, getting an office at the University etc). Since then, I haven't seen much of the city due to (1) work and (2) the rain! I got here just in time for the heavy rains but - fortunately - we did not have any flooding problems in my neighborhood.

Anyway, things seem so very quiet around here. Shops close around 5:30pm so there is not much to do after I return from the University. I live in a suburb so things are extremely quiet. The only thing around here is basically a super-market... I thought there would be more stuff available since I live so close to the campus.

I want to do some sight-seeing when I get the chance and visit a Koala park that is nearby. The life cost is generally high and it seems that you need a lot of money for any activity. However, I will try to actually see some stuff while I'm here.

EDIT: I tried some vegemite. I really didn't like it at all! Too strong...
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