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Re: The Ferengi: Better as comic relief or villains?

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The notion that capitalists are lovable is grotesque.
Okay, but then what should have been with the Ferengi after their introduction, where they failed to menacing? Characters that are comic relief are going to be considered more "lovable" the straight up villains and villains have to be menacing, which the Ferengi were not.

To be an effective capitalist villain, the Ferengi should have been more like slick business man and less like hopping monkeys. A villain can't just be a political straw man, they need other aspects to them to make them compelling. Their behavior was just odd in that episode, they often came off as a generic warrior race then true ultra capitalists. Heck the fact that they were avoiding the Federation for so long made them seem ineffective as ultra capitalist, you would think they would want try and sell them snake oil right away, not avoid potential targets to exploit.
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