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Re: What did Voyager do with the bodies of dead crewmembers?

Berman or Braga, who cares, said that at convention to a heckling crowd, but I feel like what you're thinking of is that there was a line to that effect at some point which was dropped from the final script because Berman thought that we weren't idiots and it was all self evident that Janeway would have found the babies parent between Child's Play and good shepherd.

Good Shepherd is the episode where she decides that she isn't a good enough mother to all the crew? This is after they spent a month looking for the mother of a Borg baby who's world have probably been totally assimilated leaving no survivors, but against all odds they found her and there was a happy ending... Maybe seeing the glow in that young mothers cheeks as she reclaimable her thought stolen babe is why Janeway reached out to her own lost boys hiding in the lower decks?

Bah, humbug.

If there had been such a simple answer to this quandary, it's unlikely to have plagued us this long.
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