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Re: What did Voyager do with the bodies of dead crewmembers?

Threw it in the replicator??

What would they really need it for beyond that episode?
It only serves one purpose, right?

.....unless Seven & Neelix converted it into a new type of coffee maker.

As far as the Borg baby, (I wish I kept the link) but a fellow member had posted that there was a line about how it was given to the parents of the Borg twins that also took Mazati but got edited out due to time restraints. I remember around the time of "Dark Frontier", the script writers/editors had to shave a minute off each episode going forward to make room for more commercials. I know on the DVD's, the episode "Dark Frontier" has an extended scene with Tom & Harry in the mess hall that wasn't shown in full when it aired on regular TV.
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