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Legal concerns

I have a cgi animated Trek parody that I made in 2004.

I've only posted it openly at two locations since that time, though others have found it, and I once saw it mentioned in a list someone made a few years later. It's possible some people here have seen it. Apparently, even the ST:ENT art department saw it during its first two weeks online.

I've intentionally kept it low profile, as it consists of perhaps over a hundred episode voice clips assembled out of context to create a new story, along with authentic music and sound effects. The characters are cartoonish, and not in any way true likenesses of the actors. The film is about 10 minutes.

I'm concerned whether this constitutes fair use, as it is a parody/satire, but makes extensive use of copyrighted material. All the animating and rendering are my own work, some models were free downloads, and those modelers are credited. I even put in a notice acknowledging Paramount's copyright, and that no infringement was intended or should be inferred.

Am I covered? Or could I be issued an infringement claim by any Joe Blow who just doesn't like it and wants to make trouble for me?

I've had 60 seconds of it on YouTube for about 6 or 7 years, and not seen any flags on it, but it seems YT has changed their automatic monitoring system since then.
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