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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

A lil' something to hopefully for Ptrope's "ReAnimated" thread, an experiment in "procedural" shaders to get the iconic compound eye effect for the Gorn. The head itself is a static mesh (modeled by XCalPro with ZBrush or MudBox) simply positioned atop an older DAZ figure, Michael 2. I found the supplied textures for the eyes somewhat "wanting", so I set about making some of my own. Rather than creating a texture using an image file, I used one of the 3D procedural nodes that one can modify within Poser's "Material Room". They can be a bit more "forgiving" if the UV mapping coordinates happen to be less than pristine. This is the result.

I tried an all "white" scheme for the "spot" node, but I found it looked better if I selected "random color" and thn ramped up the "diffuse" channel to partially "mute" the otherwise bold "rainbow".

Since a Gorn appears in a few shots of "The time Trap", I thought the render might be appropriate for this thread.


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