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Re: If Not Wonder Woman...Then Who?

I can acknowledge that Whedon was at least trying to do something interesting with Black Widow. Unfortunately it didn't work. Nolan's didn't even try to do anything with Catwoman, she just falls for Batman. Most of the other females mentioned in the thread are unfamiliar or were never very good characters.

It seems to me that an original is the most likely and the most desirable. But an original has the same problem as Wonder Woman adaptations. Hot chick playing badass because it's sexy, or a real woman who might appeal to female audiences? The fear, irrational or not, that real women won't get the boys in, will make an acceptable script a really tough call for Hollywood.

Since it's so tough, shouldn't an indie production tackle it? Maybe they could go dark, like a boy stumbles onto a magic ring that gives him superpowers...and breasts.
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