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Re: American Food for Superbowl...

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Yeah, unless YOUR team is in the game, I don't think too many people really care about what happens.
This is very true. Of course, when one of the others in your group cares about one of the teams and you don't care about either one, it is kind of fun to root against them just to watch them squirm.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Or I might try and get a keg of something from the brewery where I work.
This sounds like an awesome idea. For our Super Bowl gatherings, we gave up on the Bud/Miller Lite/Coors crap almost a decade ago. This year, we'll probably just pick up a couple of cases of Newcastle or Sam Adams and call it good.

As for food, pizza seems to be the traditional Super Bowl food for most people. Basically though, if it is greasy, fatty, or full of crap that is not good for you at all you are good to go. For Sunday, we will probably have a crock pot full of chili, chips and guacamole, and assorted finger foods for the game.
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