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Re: A bird flew into my window.

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I mean INTO the window. The window being closed at the time.

I was at the computer and heard a huge BOOM, then silence. I got up, opened the front door, and saw a pigeon fly off, losing lots of those little soft feathers. I looked at my window and saw a circular smudge with a bit of blood.

What the hell was that bird doing flying INTO a window? What, did it not see the house sitting there?

Anybody else have this happen or know why a bird would do this?
Is there another window in the same room, on an opposite or adjacent wall, or a doorway through which another window can be seen?

What can happen is that the bird sees daylight on the other side of a darker area, doesn't see that there's a glass barrier, and thinks the room is simply a space which it can fly through. Just closing a window blind or door might be all it takes; hanging something easily-visible in the center of the window may also discourage bird/window collisions.


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Ralph Waldo Emerson, journal entry for 8 November 1838.

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