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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

Come on guys.

Star Trek TOS: 1966
Star Trek TNG: 1987 (Delta = 21)
Star Trek XI: 2009 (Delta = 22)

I prefer the TNG era Treks to the new films, but why shouldn't Trek be re-thought for a modern audience?

There's just no reason to be so protective over franchises. I was pissed when Lucas tried to erase his original cuts from history, but as long as I still have the originals available for me I don't care about whatever other new installments come out.

Out of all the people who could have possibly been asked to make a new Star Wars or Star Trek film, the only two people who could have not completely butchered it are Abrams and Wheadon.

I look forward to seeing the next completely re-imagined version of Star Trek in 2031.
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