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Re: American Food for Superbowl...

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Just make sure it's a Lager, ideally a Pilsner. If you get Bud, drink it very cold because, otherwise, you might have to taste it.

We usually get a keg of Bud for our house party, but every year I am able to stomach it less and less.

I think this year I will be drinking some craft Pale Ales. Maybe some stouts.

Or I might try and get a keg of something from the brewery where I work.
Look, I agree with you. Last year, I had Dogfish Head. However, if the goal is a typical American Super Bowl party, it can't really be a craft beer since craft beers make up 5% of total beer sales and the overwhelming majority of people don't drink them.

I would suggest Yuengling as a compromise, but I doubt you can get it overseas. It would be a little weird for a British person to drink Sam Adams.
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