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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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My bets: Patrick - Tomb of the Cybermen or The Mind Robber - probably Tomb (although I'd really like them to do The Seeds of Death for US viewers who don't know the Ice Warriors); Jon - The Claws of Axos or The Daemons (because they feature Delgado's Master), maybe The Three Doctors. Tom - Pyramids of Mars or The Robots of Death (I think they'll stick to Hinchcliffe's era); Peter - Caves of Androzani or The Five Doctors; Colin - Vengeance on Varos or Revelation of the Daleks, probably the latter; Sylv - Fenric or Remembrance.
They almost *have* to air the multi-Doctor anniversary specials. Unless they're not going that route for the 50th, then they might not want to!

I'm guessing they'll air the anniversary specials. So:

Troughton - Tomb of the Cybermen
Pertwee - Three Doctors
Tom Baker - Pyramids of Mars
Davison - Five Doctors
Colin Baker - Vengeance on Varos
McCoy - Remembrance of the Daleks

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