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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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The other big change in marketing is targetting, so that everyone knows much more specifically who to advertise/promote the series to. This means that if you're not part of that specific target, you may see nothing. Kevin Spacey going on Letterman is the old type of mass media marketing, that reaches a lot of people who wouldn't be interested in the series.
See, that's exclusionary. In order to make the most money, you need to have a broad spectrum advertising plan. If you target only those who already have Netflix, you gain nothing. If you target people who don't have Netflix, but may be Kevin Spacey fans or people interested in political thrillers, they will sign up for Netflix for the show, and then stick around for the other content available. Voila, new customer. People don't know they're not interested until they know it exists in the first place.

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Obscure sports maybe but the costs for popular sports like football are going through the roof. The way sports are driving cable costs up is a major reason why I dumped my cable subscription, it's only going to get worse.
One of the things Netflix has going for it is that it is on demand. Sports don't have to be live; ESPN3 has already tapped the market of watching replays of previously played sports matches. NFL Network plays old football games all the time. ESPN Classic shows old events of all types. Just because I know who will win the game doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not entertained by the sport.

Netflix has an opportunity to fill that niche. Sports content owners charge billions to air an event live, but then typically never air that sport ever again. It is lost to time. Sometimes, they may release a DVD of an event. Netflix could be a new home for previously played sports. I would sit down and watch replays of old Olympics or college football or the X Games or Rugby matches.
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