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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

If I'm an entertainment news editor, and I cover the show this month, what incentive do I have to greenlight additional coverage?
If the audience demands it (it gets good ratings) they'll cover it. But don't forget that the likes of Letterman et al are owned by megacorps who like to use talk shows as ways of promoting their own content. Netflix is still regarded as the enemy by many of those corporations, and that could inhibit them helping out with Netflix publicity. I'm thinking websites are a better way of spreading the word. Googling "netflix house cards" turns up a lot of stuff, so Netflix's PR dept has not been slacking.

Anyway, most of the publicity and advertising for any new series on broadcast or cable will hit just before the premiere, and then taper way off. At that point, it's sink or swim time. For a big hit show, there will be a new round of PR/advertising for each season premiere, but that's the same as with House of Cards. I'm sure S2 will have another promotional push when it's ready (assuming it's a hit, that is.)

Whatever PR value there is in doling out episodes isn't likely to be greater than the PR value of having a whole new system of episode delivery, which is what a lot of the articles are talking about. That alone is getting them a lot of exposure. Netflix will get a lot of data from users on exactly how they are consuming the episodes. If it turns out they don't binge-view after all, then Netflix can adjust their delivery style, but first they need to do this test.
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