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Re: How long does it take to traverse the UFP?

There is no warp three mention.

"Forget the timeline. The one we're going to create will be better. Once we get things in order here, we''ll contact the Ferengi homeworld and sell them our ship. The Ferengi will have warp technology centuries before humans or Klingons or even the Vulcans. We'll establish an economic empire beyond even Grand Nagus Zek's wildest dreams. And I'll control it all."
I guess we can safely dismiss the idea that Vulcans or Klingons got warp centuries after 1947. We know for a (pre-"Little Green Men") fact that humans did not, after all.

Either Quark is just plain ignorant - or then he is seeing the immense marketing potential of the time machine, and thinking that Rom's clever technology can take him to a timepoint centuries before the date when the three mentioned cultures did first get their respective FTL drives.

"Someone probably said the same thing about the Romulans a century ago."
Doesn't mean he said it when Romulans got warp drive...

...But it would make great sense for somebody to say such a thing in the 2270s or so, at the time the Romulans finally began openly interacting with the Federation. Indeed, in ST6, we see Starfleet treat the Romulans as trustworthy allies in the fight against the Klingons.

Finally, we know something else about the Earth-Romulan War. The Romulans ships were painted like giant bird-of-preys.
Yes, this, plus the fact that it happened "a century" prior to the TOS episode, whatever that means exactly. Not much to go by there.

They would have had to create a scenario such as..
..the one created by the novelists after the show went off the air.

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