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Re: Indie GotY Awards 2012 - Star Trek: Excalibur

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I must say, this game looks amazing. I downloaded your model loader and the animated Galaxy is spectacular, although it really slows down when I add the other models to the scene. Not the app's fault I'm guessing, as I have a fairly old machine.

Although I am somewhat curious - how could a game that's not ready for use be chosen for the GoTY award? Is there a category for games in progress? Not being a smart-ass in any way, BTW - I'm just genuinely curious.
We were featured in the category for best Upcoming (Unreleased) Space Sim.

As far as performance goes, please remember that the model viewer is just that...a model viewer (not only that, it's outdated at this point). It doesn't reflect the performance of the Evolved engine.

As for Windows 8, there are some reported compatibility issues with the model viewer, due to .NET 2.0 elements being disabled in Win 8, as well as SlimDX (which I believe the model viewer utilizes). The team is currently evaluating Windows 8 to determine what must be done to make Excalibur compatible at release. Several users on our forums have reported running the model viewer on Windows 8, however, so the incompatibility appears to be somewhat random.

I'd also like to note that we are no longer developing the model viewer, as we are focusing all of our resources and time on actually building the game assets and engine...and, at this very moment, the Quick Battle demo.

~Josh F. (a.k.a. Belisarius)
Finally, the Star Trek game you've been waiting for...

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