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Re: What are the requirements for the joining the Federation?

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Um, that was exactly what Picard said, so why are you calling it false?
Hmm. What I'm saying is true to what Picard is saying. What you are saying is false.

Namely, your claim that

"Having a unified planetary government" aren't my words, those are the actual words actually spoken onscreen by Picard in "Attached."
is untrue. The actual words are yours, not Picard's. See above for the actual words of Picard, the ones that do not contain the words "planetary" or "government" at all.

Doesn't change a thing, really.

The situation in question was still about a world applying for Federation membership that wasn't united under a single government. You can quibble that a "unified world" can mean anything, but my point still stands.
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If say Vulcan entered the Federation as a autocratic state, changes at some point into a democracy, then morphs back to a autocracy over time, what happens?
See what happens when you don't have a unified planet?
That hypothedical was of a planet with a mono-government.
Sorry, my response was actually in regards to what came before that.
If a planet's population radically changes it's government type, does the planetary population remain a federation member?
If it no longer abides by the Federation charter, I don't think it would, but if it still does, then the type of government--rule by one or rule by committee--shouldn't matter at all. I think the only exception would be a government in which the guaranteed rights under the Federation Constitution (such as the Seventh Guarantee, for example) were being denied to its people.
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