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Re: Star Wars II and III 3D releases cancelled

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How old is the kid? If the kid is under 10, like my son, then I might not show the movies to him either (not for fear he would like something I don't--he already has several of those in terms of movies, but because it is my job as a parent to decide when my child will watch something and I don't feel my son is ready for them. Of course, I won't let him watch the originals yet, either--so I am consistent in my "censorship").
You won't let a kid under 10 watch any Star Wars film? That's odd, why? What is wrong with Star Wars that you feel someone under 10 can't watch it?
Correction. I won't let my under 10 kid watch any Star Wars films yet. I have no issues with parents deciding differently for their children. In fact, it is specifically my son, rather than both my children (my daughter, who is now 11, would not have been bothered by Stars Wars movies at all when she was 7--my son's age). He is prone to vivid dreams/nightmares after watching things like Star Wars movies, so I'd rather he'd wait a bit longer. My daughter hasn't gotten around to it yet because I'd like to do it with both of them together.

Granted, I was ten when I first saw the movies, but that's only because that's when I first expressed an interest in them. If I had earlier, I doubt my parents would have cared. Hell, I started watching Star Trek when I was 8, and my mother got me The Undiscovered Country for my ninth birthday.
I started watching Star Trek when I was 7. Devil in the Dark was the first episode I ever saw. I loved it and watched the rest of TOS as quickly as I could (which, back in the days of once a week syndication where I lived, took a bit longer than it would today). I recently introduced TOS to my children. I did NOT select Devil in the Dark because I knew some of it would disturb my son. I chose the Tribbles instead.

I don't think it will take too much longer before my son is fine with things like any Trek or Wars movie/episode. But he's not quite there yet. That's why I tend to support a parent's decision to withhold various forms of entertainment until they deem it appropriate for their children, especially with younger children. I also believe that a parent should be free to watch a Quentin Tarentino movie with their 12 year old, IF they have a reasonably grounded belief that the 12 year old is mature enough to do so. Children, like the rest of humanity, are not cookie-cutter replicas of each other. Each has an individual growth and maturity rate and it behooves parents to pay attention to that.

Now, as for cancelling the 3-D Star Wars movies (or postponing them), I hope it's because they want to add some well-needed lens flares from the master. Oh yeah, and to make sure to put 0s in all the appropriate places (0C3PO, 0R2D2 and the like )
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