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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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And I'll agree that Netflix's strategy of releasing the entire season of an original production is a mistake, but not for the hysterical reasoning offered in that piece. Netflix is denying itself the tremendous promotional bonanza that having an original series delivers. I've always felt that the best thing for them to do was-as mentioned in the article, release the episodes in 4 episode volumes. It gives you something to crow about, it can drive interviews for cast in the media each month...once an outlet covers the show the month it premieres, there's no further reason to go back. With volume releases, guest actors can be chatted up over upcoming appearances.
For whatever reason, I haven't been seeing a whole lot of pre-release publicity for this series, but there's no reason they need to schedule the marketing to stop when the series is released.
I was thinking more on the media's drive for follow up interviews, rather than Netflix stopping promotion after Feb 1. If I'm an entertainment news editor, and I cover the show this month, what incentive do I have to greenlight additional coverage? You cover the Lead actors, supporting actors, guest stars, then, that's it. A genre show, you add in features about the special effects... merchandising, tie ins. For a weekly release, that gives you nice presence while it's hot. But putting the entire thing out at once, unlike a theatrical film, will the media feel that urge to continue normal patterns of coverage.

I also get Crackle (free? i guess I'll find out) but until right now, I've never found anything worthwhile there.
Yes, Crackle is free, and can be watched on the pc, with apps on the PS3, Xbox, plus Android.
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