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Re: Star Wars II and III 3D releases cancelled

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How old is the kid? If the kid is under 10, like my son, then I might not show the movies to him either (not for fear he would like something I don't--he already has several of those in terms of movies, but because it is my job as a parent to decide when my child will watch something and I don't feel my son is ready for them. Of course, I won't let him watch the originals yet, either--so I am consistent in my "censorship").
You won't let a kid under 10 watch any Star Wars film? That's odd, why? What is wrong with Star Wars that you feel someone under 10 can't watch it?

Granted, I was ten when I first saw the movies, but that's only because that's when I first expressed an interest in them. If I had earlier, I doubt my parents would have cared. Hell, I started watching Star Trek when I was 8, and my mother got me The Undiscovered Country for my ninth birthday.
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