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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Apparently if a doctor declares A-Rod is unable to recover from his injury the Yankess can file a claim on their insurance for most of his contract. Wonder how hard they're rooting for that?
Ah yes, the Mets' strategy with Mo Vaughn.

Settling the contract doesn't get them out of the luxury tax burden, however, and they can't force A-Rod not to play. If he shows that he's physically capable and they try to keep him out of the clubhouse, the MLBPA will be all up in their shit.

The only way A-Rod has played his last game is if he retires voluntarily, thus giving up his entire contract, or if Bud Selig suspends him forever (in which case his contract would still count against the luxury tax ). Man, Project 189 is such a beautiful thing.
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