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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

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Yeah you know you are hurting when Kol McCrazyPants makes the most sense to the viewers.

Bumping to see if Kol bites the big one tonight.
At this point I'm starting to hope he doesn't. If I'm going to be stuck watching The Originals spinoff for Daniel Gillies' Elijah, at least having crazy (and sense-making?) Kol will add to the entertainment factor of that show. Especially if I have to sit through more Klaus/Rebekah sibling whining.
That is true. I actually like Kol since he is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes he helps his siblings and sometimes he screws them over.

I will be watching the Originals (if it happens) to catch DG.

Klaus and Rebecca are better when seperated - IMHO.

When info first started coming out and only Joseph Morgan was confirmed, I thought how can the title be "Originals?"

Now that DG is confirmed that only makes 2. Granted that does give you the plural, but one would hope that means more than 2 or 3.

I suppose they could use the others via flashback, but that leaves little forward momentum for the remaining family members. They can only milk the flashbacks so far.

As the flashbacks for the Salvatores prove, you can only reveal so much. The flashback scenes from New Orleans in the last back to the past ep revealed nothing. We knew that Lexi was helping Stefan and she found Damon to be a danger to his bunny diet. It was definitely not film at 11 worthy.

Saw this picture on the net for the ep after the one coming up. Camping with Professor Shane?

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