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Re: Need a good starter episode for a newbie

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I would not be surprised if FORBIDDEN PLANET had strongly influenced Roddenberry.
Apparently it did.
Do you know of any documentation? I'm not doubting you—I made the suggestion myself. I was just wondering if any of the TREK books mention this definitively.

And while FORBIDDEN PLANET is Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST in space, SERENITY (the FIREFLY feature film) made several allusions to both:
  • C-57D is the registration number of the United Planets cruiser. We see the name number on the crashed "Research & Rescue" ship on Miranda. A smaller craft (shuttle?) with the number is also found on Miranda.
  • Miranda is the name of the "forbidden planet" in SERENITY, and also the name of Prospero's daughter in THE TEMPEST.
  • The crew of Serenity confront an "id monster" in the form of the Reavers.
One of the most TREK-like aspects of FORBIDDEN PLANET is the scene where engineer Quinn is telling the captain how difficult it will be to replace a certain piece of damaged equipment. Adams cuts the engineer short, "All right, it's impossible. How long will it take?"

"Scotty, I need warp speed in three minutes, or we're all dead."
"No, I better not look. I just might be in there."
—Foghorn Leghorn, Little Boy Boo
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