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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

And I'll agree that Netflix's strategy of releasing the entire season of an original production is a mistake, but not for the hysterical reasoning offered in that piece. Netflix is denying itself the tremendous promotional bonanza that having an original series delivers. I've always felt that the best thing for them to do was-as mentioned in the article, release the episodes in 4 episode volumes. It gives you something to crow about, it can drive interviews for cast in the media each month...once an outlet covers the show the month it premieres, there's no further reason to go back. With volume releases, guest actors can be chatted up over upcoming appearances.
For whatever reason, I haven't been seeing a whole lot of pre-release publicity for this series, but there's no reason they need to schedule the marketing to stop when the series is released. A new release format will require evolution with their marketing strategy, for instance, more effort on promoting word of mouth after the series launches.

The usual approach of spend-the-whole-budget-before-launch is driven by the fact that, that's the only shot you'll get. But now you don't need to worry about the show being cancelled or pulled for low ratings/box office, the marketing could be done as a slow build, or some other approach.

The other big change in marketing is targetting, so that everyone knows much more specifically who to advertise/promote the series to. This means that if you're not part of that specific target, you may see nothing. Kevin Spacey going on Letterman is the old type of mass media marketing, that reaches a lot of people who wouldn't be interested in the series.

The new approach might be online advertising and social media campaigns at targetted audiences - fans of the actors, fans of Fincher, fans of other political dramas. For instance, I've been seeing ads for the series on Deadline, because one audience they want to reach is people in the entertainment industry (which I'm not, but they don't know that.)

Thanks for telling me about Chosen, I'll check it out.

I thought in the US you had Amazon Instant and Hulu plus as well as Netflix on subscription, not to mention iTunes, PlayStation Store and Xbox Live for other paid on demand content?
So far, only Netflix is producing exclusive content that interests me. If I want something from iTunes or Amazon Prime, I could just buy it without needing any subscription. I also get Crackle (free? i guess I'll find out) but until right now, I've never found anything worthwhile there.

Maybe start adding sports, or news
Obscure sports maybe but the costs for popular sports like football are going through the roof. The way sports are driving cable costs up is a major reason why I dumped my cable subscription, it's only going to get worse.

Netflix stands to gain greatly from people like me, who are looking for a cheaper alternative and can do without sports entirely. Netflix is the a la carte option everyone wants. As for news, there's so much on the internet already, what angle could they take to compete?

Aren't Netflix also doing this prison drama Orange Is The New Black? Mulgrew's in it, and Jodie Foster has directed
And a horror series from Eli Roth and let's not forget Arrested Development! Here's a story on their plans.

"The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us." Great quote!

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