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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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I was watching this video at I feel the blogger is saying that Abrams is a reflection of what the corporate media wants and what the fans, over the past decade, have come to accept from their films. He creates entertainment that is not edgy nor visionary, has no thematic signature mark that identifies him as a director, and that delivers a "...superficial authentic translation but without any kind of animating spirit underlying it."

I feel the blogger raises valid questions and concerns, and that is why I introduce his video into this thread.
I'd tell the blogger thanks for playing our game. The questions aren't valid, and the assessment may be accurate, but it's misapplied. It's popular culture, for crying out loud. Like it or not, Abrams is involved in providing commercial products, from "Lost" to "Star Trek" to "Star Wars". No studio is going to put $150 million or more into a movie and tell the director, "Make it edgy. Be visionary. Take real chances thematically."
Abrams job is to give us really well made cheeseburgers and fries that we enjoy with chocolate malts. As long as he's consistent in that, we're pleased. No one expects a Michelin Star meal. Just good cheeseburgers. We'll go somewhere else for gourmet when we feel like it.
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