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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I also think of Field of Fire, and even mirror-Ezri in The Emperor's New Cloak. Though to be fair, that's an awful episode.

I was also a bit bored of all the romance stuff in the Final Chapter.
Good points. I discounted Field of Fire because a) I think it's actually good and b) it's an Ezri episode, yeah, but it fits within the overall Dominion War arc, and doesn't feel as forced. But I'll save that discussion until we get to it.

TENC... you know, I understand the dislike of this episode, I guess, but I never really shared it. And I think Ezri's involvement in the story is sorta mandated by the in-universe circumstances, though I can understand why someone would disagree. But I'll save that, too.

Holy crap, I just looked up the episode order on MA; I hadn't realized that we got these 3 Ezri-heavy episodes in a row. Wow. Not what I would've done.

Totally agree about the romance in the Final Chapter, at least the

not so much about the
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