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Re: How long does it take to traverse the UFP?

I believe that it was possible to create a series based on information that was provided in four of the series. (TAS is kinda iffy.)

I checked a transcript site for "Balance of Terror". There is no warp three mention. However, there is a mention to emergency warp, and Kirk ordering his helmsman to parallel the enemy vessel and to match their course and speed. (

Some fan sources did interpret this all as the Romulans not having had warp drive until late in the game - perhaps as late as the second season of TOS! But onscreen Trek has never supported the idea that Romulans would have lacked the secret of warp at any point of their history. For all we know, they were capable of warp long before they even left Vulcan.
From "Little Green Men":
Forget the timeline. The one we're going to create will be better. Once we get things in order here, we''ll contact the Ferengi homeworld and sell them our ship. The Ferengi will have warp technology centuries before humans or Klingons or even the Vulcans. We'll establish an economic empire beyond even Grand Nagus Zek's wildest dreams. And I'll control it all.
From Insurrection:
On Earth, petroleum once turned petty thugs into world leaders. Warp drive transformed a bunch of Romulan thugs into an empire. We can handle the Son'a. I'm not worried about that.
Someone probably said the same thing about the Romulans a century ago.
Finally, we know something else about the Earth-Romulan War. The Romulans ships were painted like giant bird-of-preys.
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