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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

4x8-Scorched Earth: I found this episode fun mainly cause it shows a non intended confrontational mission. The SGC was simply doing humanitarian aid by relocating a race of people whose world could no longer be inhabited. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet another race has decided this uninhabited world is perfect to be terraformed to suite their needs. We never get much on them but they seem sulfur based and reptilian based on what we did see. According to their avatar they are also a benevolent race which is why an amicable solution is found. I kinda wonder if once the planet is terraformed and this race rebounds if we'll see them later at some point? Could be allies?

4x9-Beneath the Surface: A decent episode. With the social commentary it played more like a Star Trek episode, just not one of the better ones. Forced slave labor is bad, I think we got that one covered now.

4x10-Point of No Return: What I liked here was it turned the idea of this rather predictable plot on it's head a bit. Martin is actually an alien whose forgotten the finer points of that. He's also a deserter from a civil war along with some fellow escapees. Apparently during their crash though Martin was injured in a way that he suffered some amnesia and couldn't be kept with his fellow escapees. That part seemed to allude an answer imo, why couldn't they keep him with them? We found out virtually nothing about them. They didn't seem to respond to the revelation of Teal'c being a Gou'ald, they just noticed he wasn't human also. So a race capable of interstellar flight, not aware of the Gou'ald? Interesting?

4x11-Tangent: The Air Force has constructed a special Gou'ald attack ship left over from downed fighters recovered from Sokkar/Apophis. Course now Apophis is in control and something has alerted him to the new Air Force ship, from afar. While Jack and Teal'c are doing test maneuvers with the ship Apophis activates a recall function. It's never said how Apophis nows the parts are back in function but he knows and activates a recall. For that missing explanation I feel it's a bit weak of an episode. Why a recall? Why not a self destruct on crucial parts so your own tech can't be used in the manner the Air Force had? Bit weak of an episode imo.

4x12-The Curse: Now this was a really good episode I thought. It also seems to have given us a new Gou'ald/Egyptian god baddie. We kinda needed one with Ra,Sokkar, Hathor, Set and others already downed. Apophis can only be the shows Q character for so long. Enter Osiris who is going to be on rampage given that Isis was killed. Also, that the host is a former and lovely romantic interest to Dr. Jackson that should prove interesting. I'm guessing we get at least one or two more shows out of her if the pattern follows like Hathor.

4x13-The Serpents Venom: Pretty good episode here as well. Teal'c is back on Chulak working with other Jaffa's to break the hold by the Gou'ald and is betrayed and taken hostage. The rest of SG-1 doesn't know this and are helping Jacob and other Tokra's take out a mined system from another system lord. The system lord that now has Teal'c wishes to form an alliance with Apophis and knows Teal'c is just the bargaining chip he needs. They arrange to meet at the mined system that the Tok'ra are trying to sabotage. All converge in a way that makes me like Jack's responses when they find out Teal'c is a hostage. The worst part is that the minor system lord dies and Apophis consolidates more power. Bad news.
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