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Re: Star Wars II and III 3D releases cancelled

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How old is the kid?
More important question is, did she let the kid see the original trilogy yet? Judging by the 20 year gap theory, I suspect she did.

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...I won't let him watch the originals yet, either--so I am consistent in my "censorship").
That's perfectly fine.

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Feel free to mock Ms. Bowen's apparent reasons for not showing the film to her child, but let's not turn it into a blanket argument against parental decision-making regarding what their children should read, watch, listen to and so on. That would represent an abdication of parental responsibility. I'll refrain from further comment as this is not the forum for such debates.
Fair enough. I was gonna quote the UN's child rights convention which states that a child has a right to read, watch and listen to whatever the fuck it wants, as long as it's not age restricted material, but whatever. Technically, those movies are PG, which would mean that Bowen isn't doing anything wrong. Just plain dumb.
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