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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

So what? Really. So what? It's not like either Paramount or Disney owes the movie-going public anything by a specific date. In fact, neither of them owes us anything at all. They are entirely free to produce a film and release it when they damn well please. We are entitled to like, dislike or be indifferent to whatever they release--that is the extent of our rights. Composers, filmmakers, writers, playwrights, painters, sculptors…anyone who puts something creative out into the marketplace (whether mainstream or off, off, off, off Broadway) does so without owing the audience a thing. The audience is free to take it or leave it. Given the combined appeal of Abrams' work in the aggregate, Trek and Wars in particular over the past several decades and the fact that two major studios have placed multiple major franchises into his hands, I'd say general audience satisfaction is practically guaranteed. All while continuing to allow anyone who is disappointed to voice that disappointment, if they so choose (or ignore the product altogether if they really can't stand his work).
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