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Re: Star Wars II and III 3D releases cancelled

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So Julie Bowen is so afraid that her kid might actually not share her sentiments about three harmless PG(13) movies, that she instated censorship in her parenting?

That's dumb.
How old is the kid? If the kid is under 10, like my son, then I might not show the movies to him either (not for fear he would like something I don't--he already has several of those in terms of movies, but because it is my job as a parent to decide when my child will watch something and I don't feel my son is ready for them. Of course, I won't let him watch the originals yet, either--so I am consistent in my "censorship").

Feel free to mock Ms. Bowen's apparent reasons for not showing the film to her child, but let's not turn it into a blanket argument against parental decision-making regarding what their children should read, watch, listen to and so on. That would represent an abdication of parental responsibility. I'll refrain from further comment as this is not the forum for such debates.
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