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Re: Sci-Fi TV Shows that you're pretty sure only you watched.

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I remember seeing this, don't recall the name. If I remember correctly, the main body of the suit was a one piece orange rigid armor and the arms and legs looked pretty much like ducting used for clothes dryers. I want to say it has the word Omega in the title, but I can't be sure.
Yes that is it! Anyone able to name it?
Found it! It was called Exo-Man:

Here's an obscure one: Once a Hero. It was Ira Steven Behr's first SF series, and it ran for all of three weeks back in 1987. Its premise was that fictional characters really existed in some sort of alternate reality, and it focused on a superhero, Captain Justice, who crossed over into our world and found that reality was a lot more complicated and morally ambiguous than his comic-book reality. Robert Forster played a fictional Sam Spade type who also crossed over and was sort of his mentor/gadfly. It sounds like a comedy premise, but it was actually a pretty thoughtful and intelligent drama -- which is probably why it failed, because audiences expected one thing and got something very different.

The tragedy is, the fourth episode would've guest-starred Adam West as an actor who'd played Captain Justice on TV and was suing the real CJ for stealing his act. It was previewed at the end of episode 3, but then the show was yanked and the episode was never shown. I dearly wish somebody would unearth it and put it on YouTube or something.
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