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Re: The Hottest woman on Voyager was Naomi Wildman

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My first girl crushes in Trek were Teri Garr and Mariette Hartley. I would get sooo excited if I saw them in anything else.

I also remember being rather gaga over Julie Newmar's Catwoman who just seemed SO THRILLING. I guess she was my first lady in leather

That predates my Trek era, that show seemed to always be on tv.
A few years ago, I was watching the Twilight Zone ep, "What you Need". When the camera panned inside the bar, I was like "Who is that girl in the back??". Then it turned out she was the featured actress in the episode. Her name was Arlene Sax. So I looked her up and Arlene Sax was Arlene Martel.

Well, I decided right then and there I should email Arlene Martel and tell her she was and is a stunning lady. *One* of the little voices inside my head said, "This is a little stalkerish.", but I answered back that "I'll bet she would appreciate the compliment, especially if it concerns a lesser known role of hers than Star Trek"

She actually wrote back and said she was flattered and that I should look for her in a second TZ ep too.

edit: Yeah, I had a little thing for Mariette Hartley also. "All Our Yesterdays" is criminally underrated IMHO.
Arlene Martel is quite beautiful in that episode. Twenty-two is the other Twilight Zone, I recall. Demon with a Glass Hand is an Outer Limits episode that is a lot of fun, if you haven't seen them yet.
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