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Re: Ridiculous Injuries

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Here's my "Falling down the stairs story"
That's very similar to what happened to my mom. She was carrying a load of laundry down to the basement and didn't know one of the shirt sleeves was dragging on the stairs. She ended up face first into a wall, but thankfully only suffered a broken wrist, her left one. We never stopped teasing her about God punishing her for doing laundry on a Sunday.

A year or two earlier she'd broken her right wrist by trying to slide down an icy driveway. She was playing around and fell down flat, so we were all laughing at first as we didn't realise how bad her injury was. Neither did she; she didn't go to the hospital until much later in the day, by which time the doctor was reluctant to reset the wrist. As a result her hand was a wee bit further to the right than it used to be, which she only noticed when she began playing the piano again, and every note she hit with her right hand was off by one. That, more than anything, drove her around the bend, but she played every day, and soon adjusted.
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