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Re: American Food for Superbowl...

There's always the 4 foot wedge as well. (Or however long you order it. I've seen from 3' up to 6'.) The Super Bowl used to be a week or so earlier when I was a kid, so it fell close to my birthday. The delis always had sales on wedges that time of year, so that's what we'd get when I had the kids from school over for a party. They would usually throw in some potato or macaroni salad and a 2 L bottle of soda as well.

We would usually get the half American, half Italian one. But as an adult, I've had a vegetarian option consisting of breaded eggplant, roasted red pepper, basil, and mozzarella that immediately became my favorite.

This Super Bowl this year is about as appealing to me as eating worm infested dog shit while my friend's uncle toe bangs my anus, so I have about zero interest in watching on Sunday.

I was planning on getting together with my mom and making fish tacos and playing Trivial Pursuit instead. And she's another big football fan with no interest this go around.
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