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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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I've always felt that the best thing for them to do was-as mentioned in the article, release the episodes in 4 episode volumes. It gives you something to crow about, it can drive interviews for cast in the media each month...once an outlet covers the show the month it premieres, there's no further reason to go back. With volume releases, guest actors can be chatted up over upcoming appearances.
I feel the same. I think the press you would get from releasing 4 episodes per month would grant a similar effect that the television networks get currently. You could parade your stars on Leno/Letterman/Jimmy/Conan just like the networks do. Its essentially like DVR except you don't ever have to hit record. I don't know how long it will take me to watch Cards, but it'll certainly take me less than the 9 months it takes to watch 26 episodes of a traditional show.

Along those same lines, I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix starts releasing other types of original content, not just mini-series. What about signing popular vloggers? Create "talk shows" with new episodes released daily, for you to watch at your leisure. Compete with Leno/Letterman/Jimmy/Conan. Maybe start adding sports, or news.

Give people a reason to sign up for streaming and keep it (I do, but I know there are those who will keep it one month, cancel it, then a few months later get another month in).
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