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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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[The Power of Three] feels like the Doctor's come to a visit even though he doesn't really do that much anymore.
So it's perfectly on-topic to post this The Power of Three reading:

The optimism's less random and more justified than I first gathered. The Doctor seems to think of himself as one of the 'creatures of hope'. So in the allegory he'd be one of the scientist guys who fix the internet when bad guys take it down. Or put a fatal virus. A bit scarier that one. Before I just thought they're randomly saying it's cool at the end like disregard all danger.

I guess even the chance discovery of the portal is kind of sensible too as The Doctor's not the only kind scientist in the world, so someone's bound to find one of them. It's an optimistic take on the immense connectivity and possibility within internet with a bit of sensible paranoia too.

Great how Brian's basically a mostly harmless and quite helpful version of the Shakri mindset. The kid's a troll hacker. No idea what she was in the plot. The Doctor could explode the ship because it was shit.
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