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Re: Need a good starter episode for a newbie

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revealing that some ideas of Star Wars had been there first in TOS (even if the VFX, admittedly, didn't look that great).
And pretty much all of the ideas existed pre-STAR TREK, too. I would not be surprised if FORBIDDEN PLANET had strongly influenced Roddenberry.

"Balance of Terror" is the TOS version of THE ENEMY BELOW.

In an interview, Spinrad said "The Doomsday Machine" was MOBY DICK inspired, but I had always thought it was derived from Saberhagen's BERSERKER. And if you want super-weapons, the Disruptor from Edmond Hamilton's THE STAR KINGS (which is also very STAR WARS-like) can destroy "space itself."

TOS is a great show for any sci-fi fan, as many stories are based on popular novels and short stories. Many episodes were written by popular sci-fi writers. That STAR TREK succeeded so well outside the genre is a tribute to the synergy of all the threads that make it up.

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