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Re: Question for the Parents on TrekBBS

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2/17/92. I am 20 about to turn 21.
You were born on the 2nd day of the 17th month?

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Kid psychology isn't difficult. Just remember that you're smarter than him and so long as he believes it, you'll be fine. The day he realises he's smarter than you is usually around the time he wants to borrow your car, so you still have the upper hand.
Good advice.

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Also, be consistent, and follow through any threats you make. The latter has worked very well for me. My kids are now teens and preteens, and threats of having prized possessions temporarily removed still work as well today as when they were toddlers because the kids know I bloody well mean it. Consistency is vital to children, otherwise they will not be able to anticipate the consequences of their actions.
Consistency will not be a problem, I think. It was of the utmost importance for me when I was a kid, too, so much that when my mother failed to follow through her threats, or relented and decided to forego the punishment (usually no tv, or being grounded for the day), I adamantly refused to allow it, and carried through the punishment on my own. I was a weird kid.
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