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Re: This Year's Model: ALBUM COVERS!

KZ900 are back with a new album, 'The Blessings Of Liberty', a celebration of American life. Her's a quick brakdown of each track.

Peanut Lust, a quick, feisty intro to AMrican culture in general.
Hot School, a brief explosion of hormones, pretty girls and teenage rebellion
Perfect Giving, sharing the things we all value
Improved Arranging, about a guy and a girl trying to put their combined furniture into one apartment
Global Covering, American foreign policy in the 21st Century
Inside Suggestion, a diatribe against Wall Street's manipulations
Clever Entry, the rise of hipster culture (for a given value of 'culture')
Unfortunate Son, a response to the old CCR song, how life sometimes is less easy than we thought
Item Independent, A thought provoking account of 'the little people' trying to free themselves of the Big Corporations
Guy Category, a song for girls and how they should choose their 'man for life'
Peculiar Excuse, based on famous court cases, when people try to get out of their obligations
Relative Presence, family fun during Thanksgiving
Aid Unknown, based on the haunting story and rescue of Osmet Trammell from dark forces by an unknown helper
Country Tremor, comparing city and country life from the point of view of a teenager who finds himself on the Great Plains

And the bonus track, Fashion Pawnbroker, about the new trade in trendy clothes

KZ900 have worked hard on the album to cement themselves into American life... and they might just have done it.

Dammit, forgot to include details:
Band name: KZ900 reconnaissance pod, an airborne signals intelligence (SIGINT) pod
Album title: The business of America is not business. Neither is it war. The business of america is justice and securing the blessings of liberty. George F. Will
Upper Lake by By PG1955 Paul Garnett

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