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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x01 The Child

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Pro life: Well what would you expect from a generally progressive series? Oddly though, ST in general is pretty critical of most biological improvements or tinkering with humanity.
Pro-choice. World of difference.

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Meh. Not a particular fan of the Writer's Strike episode.

But how can you call it pro-choice or pro-life or anti-women?

How does one woman, making a choice to carry her own baby, have any political bearing whatsoever? Being pro-choice doesn't make you pro-abortion, and being pro-life doesn't make you pro-patriarchy. Plenty of women who believe in the right to have an abortion would choose not to have one themselves.
It is clearly "pro-choice" because Deanna makes a choice and Picard ends the discussion. I never implied that pro-choice meant pro-abortion. Pro-choice means allowing the mother to choose. Let's rewrite those lines slightly;
Deanna: "Captain, do whatever you feel is necessary to study a new life-form, but know this: I'm not going to give birth to this creature."
Picard: "Then it seems that the discussion is over."
It still remains "pro-choice". Deanna makes the choice. That is the most important thing here and in a "pro-choice" belief.
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