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Re: Dropped stardate from "Code of Honor"

Yup. Chrissie's site tends to deal with actual transcripts made from aired episodes - whereas the scripts on TrekCore reveal interesting discrepancies in early TNG, especially regarding lines with stardates, because several of the TrekCore scripts are earlier versions, not shooting scripts.

The lines in "Code of Honor" aren't part of my old VHS tape, but it's a recording of another foreign airing, and I know other such airings around here were incomplete (although mainly around commercial breaks, and this potential cut doesn't happen next to one of those). My DVD indeed lacks the line.

But the TrekCore script has it; perhaps Chrissie's site this once copied the script without checking the aired material? There are also minor oddities in Chrissie's transcript... For example, Tasha in the script and the episode comments Lutan's downfall by saying "That's so beautiful - and so sad for you", whereas the transcript has the line as "How so sad for you". A rare slip, but probably suggestive of this particular transcript being faulty overall.

Timo Saloniemi
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